Now Accepting UPMC Plans

Conley Hearing Care is happy to announce we are now accepting UPMC Health Plans along with the plans listed below.  Call our office today at 412-828-0250 and let us review your hearing health benefits.

Other Accepted Plans:




United Healthcare




American Hearing Benefits

Hear In America


Hearing Care Solutions

Due to the increasing number of plans not all plans are listed above.  Call our office at 412-828-0250 to confirm coverage.


Community Events

Dr. Conley had the honor of joining Oakmont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center this week for their family night.  The conversations were valuable and the weather was perfect!

If you have any events you would like Dr. Conley to visit or groups you’d like her to present to call our office at 412-828-0250.

Look for Conley Hearing Care at the following Upcoming Events:

Oct 22 – Our Lady of Joy Health Fair

Nov 14- Plum Community Center Expo

Nov 15- “Ask the Audiologist” at Plum Community Center

Hearing Aid Benefits- VSP

Do you have VSP ( Vision Service Plan) insurance?  Do you know you have a hearing aid benefit? Check your monthly newsletter for specifics or call our office for more details at 412-828-0250.

Many of our patient’s are unaware of their hearing aid benefits.  Call Conley Hearing Care at 412-828-0250 and we will happily check your benefits.  If you are paying for insurance you want to use your benefits!


Implantable Hearing: What are all those videos I see online?

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on the latest advancements from Cochlear.  Cochlear develops Cochlear Implants, Hybrid Cochlear Implants and BAHA Implants.  Many of the videos you see on the internet are patient’s having their cochlear implant activated for the first time. I am often asked if these devices can “fix” hearing.

“If you have a moderate to profound hearing loss and hearing aids are no longer helping, a cochlear implant could be an effective option.” – Cochlear Americas

It is important to stress these implants are for those who no longer benefit from hearing aids.   If you think you may be a candidate schedule a consultation with your Audiologist or Conley Hearing Care at 412-828-0250.

Not sure what a cochlear implant is? Learn more about cochlear implants at the following link:

Hearing Aids are Small

Hearing aids are small, but we can make them larger if you’d like.

One of the many reasons people delay treating hearing loss is a that fear someone will see their hearing aids.  However, every time I speak to the public about hearing aids they are usually surprised by the size of modern hearing aids.

The fact is people are wearing hearing aids all around you and you simply can’t see them.  Don’t let size or vanity prevent you from treating your hearing loss.  Call Conley Hearing Care today and let us help you find the perfect hearing aid for your lifestyle and needs.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the Oakmont Street Fair!  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and talking to our community.  If we didn’t get a chance to answer all of your questions call us at 412-828-0250.

To those who missed the street fair this is an annual event and we hope to see you next year!

Thank you again,

Dr. Conley