We’re Lucky and Thankful!

image1 (2)“It is my greatest honor to provide hearing healthcare to the residents of Oakmont and surrounding communities.  Thank you for accepting me into this wonderful town!”

– Dr. Conley

Conley Hearing Care cordially invites you to

Our First Anniversary Celebration this Friday!

March 16 2:00-4:00 pm

Open House: Stop in for a tour of the practice, cookies and refreshments.

Dr. Conley and staff will be available to answer your hearing healthcare questions.

Oakmont Station Building 5

521 Cedar Way, Suite 100

Oakmont, PA 15139




World Hearing Day!



March 3rd is World Hearing Day!  Sponsored by the World Health Organization, World Hearing Day is an annual advocacy event that aims to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing healthcare across the world.  The World Health Organization anticipates an increase in hearing loss in the coming decades.  Together we are working with our communities to educate on proper hearing protection and provide proper hearing health treatment.

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Brain vs Ears? We need both!

The most difficult patient to treat is one with poor cognition. When the brain is struggling to process speech it doesn’t matter how clear of a signal hearing aids send to our ears we are limited by the brain’s ability to process.  This is why it is so important to treat hearing loss early on before cognition declines.

“Researchers and hearing care professionals have long understood the link between cognition and hearing acuity. When you are listening to someone speak your brain is processing the sound so that you can understand it.  A listener with untreated hearing loss is trying to understand degraded speech signals therefore their brain has to work harder to process those sounds. While your brain is busy working to understand incoming speech signals other tasks like memory and comprehension can suffer.” – Beth McCormick, AuD

What to Expect at my 1st Appointment

The first appointment with an Audiologist is a time to get to know our patient’s health history, their health concerns and expectations.  Therefore the initial part of the appointment is a conversation.  This is the perfect time to review any additional information you feel your Audiologist should know. i.e. Grandchildren you struggle to hear, upcoming important events, positive or negative past experiences.


The second part of the appointment is diagnostics or testing.  Your Audiologist will direct you into a sound booth and perform an audiological examination.  This starts with looking in your ears for wax, ear infections or other obstructions to your hearing.  If there are no obstructions present they will proceed with your hearing test.  female-doctor-looking-into-ear-of-female-patient

An audiogram, sometimes referred to as a hearing test,  is a 15-30 min long exam that measures your ability to hear sounds and speech at varying loudness and tone. This exam will give us an initial picture of your hearing sensitivity.adult-hearing-test

The third step of the appointment is a review of the audiogram results and a continued discussion of your expectations and hearing health needs.  At this time we may demonstrate hearing aids if deemed appropriate.

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The final step of the appointment is to develop a treatment plan.  Treatment plans vary per person and per hearing loss.  They may include, but are not limited to hearing aids, referrals to other specialists, or hearing protection.

To scheduled your first appointment today contact Conley Hearing Care at 412-828-250!