Happy Anniversary to Dr. Perrin!

This week we are celebrating Dr. Perrin’s One Year Anniversary with Conley Hearing Care. In twelve short months she has earned the respect and love of our current patients all while growing her own patient base. We have navigated a pandemic and opened one of the first Cochlear Implant Provider Network Clinics (CPN) in Western PA.

Here’s to many more years of your expertise and kindness Dr. Perrin. We are lucky to have you on our team!

Following Best Practices with Real Ear Measurements

                At Conley Hearing Care, P.C. we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the newest guidelines and best practices in the field of audiology. To continue this mission, we have been lucky enough to acquire a new piece of equipment-an Audioscan Verifit! The Verifit now completes our goal to have verification equipment in every patient room, allowing our audiologists to perform real ear measurements while fitting hearing aids.  This highly personalized experience for you is the only way to verify that a hearing aid is working as it should. During the hearing aid fitting process, your audiologist will take a measurement of your ear and program your hearing aid not only to your hearing loss, but to the shape and size of your individual ear; in other words, a prescription for your hearing needs. Like each patient that walks through our door, our ears are all unique and need be treated as such.

Real ear measurements, though, are not just a bonus of coming to Conley Hearing Care but are required to fit hearing aids in the most ethical way. Failure to make real ear measurements implies that hearing aids are one-size-fits-all, and that is simply not true. Without real ear measures, there is no way to verify that a hearing aid is meeting your prescription and may leave you with too much volume or not enough.

Best practices and real ear measurements are in the mind of all our audiologists, but for our newest audiologist, Dr. Elizabeth Sweet, the delivery of our Verifit was like Christmas! Dr. Sweet completed her degree at the University of Pittsburgh, where they are trained extensively in using real ear measures to fit hearing aids. She is excited to bring this skillset to Conley Hearing Care and share the benefits with our patients.

Independent Cochlear Implant Clinic opens in Pittsburgh Region

What was once a dream for two audiologists became a reality.  Caitlin Conley, Doctor of Audiology, opened an independent private practice, Conley Hearing Care, in 2017.  Her primary focus was general audiology services and hearing aids all while working with most insurance companies to best serve the people of the Pittsburgh region. Kristen Perrin, Doctor of Audiology, joined Conley Hearing Care in 2019 to assist in the expanding patient database.  Dr. Perrin brought an extensive knowledge of pediatrics and cochlear implants to the practice.  The audiology duo had an idea, but could it work?

Pittsburgh is known for its powerhouse of hospital care.  Cochlear implant services have always been provided within our hospital walls.  With the rise in cochlear implant candidacy evaluations and cochlear implant candidates it was time for someone to make a move to help.  Dr. Conley and Dr. Perrin began a business logistics conversation with Cochlear Americas and local cochlear implant surgeons.  Their pitch- the need is great for cochlear implant services and there are a limited number of cochlear implant audiologists within our hospitals.  Dr. Conley and Dr. Perrin began building the business plan immediately.

Conley Hearing Care’s Cochlear Provider Network (CPN/Cochlear Implant Clinic) launched in March 2020. It has a successful patient base and gains more each passing month.  The mission is to assist the Pittsburgh region in reaching more cochlear implant candidates and educate them on their hearing potential.  The clinic also provides current cochlear implant recipients mapping, troubleshooting and upgrades.

A cochlear implant can be a scary concept, but it does not have to be scary.  With counseling and education, candidates will fully understand the process they will go through to hear.  Hearing well is essential.  Without it, we do not fully live.

Office Closure/Help From Home

As you know, we are going through a global pandemic and national emergency due to the Coronavirus.

We have remained open as long as possible to best serve you and our loyal patients.

The time has come, however, for us to follow the recommendations of the various sources we trust, such as the CDC, audiology boards, and our own best judgement.

We have decided that, until further notice, our office is closed to help prevent the spread of the virus. However, we are here for you in various non-contact formats.

As always, voicemails and emails will be checked daily so please feel free to email us at info@conleyhearingcare.com.

If you have a hearing aid care question we encourage you to visit our website at www.conleyhearingcare.com.  A tab with instructional videos on cleaning and care of hearing aids has been added as well as consumer technology support lines for each manufacturer.

Please call or email us with any further instructions you would like added to the website.

Assume that any appointments through 4/10 are cancelled as of now unless you hear otherwise from us.

We encourage everyone to follow the recommendations of your local, state, and federal authorities, and of course wash your hands thoroughly and often.

The most important thing, in the end, is everyone’s health, so be safe. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence as we all work together towards maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

To Everyone’s Health,
Dr. Caitlin Conley
Doctor of Audiology