Office Closure/Help From Home

As you know, we are going through a global pandemic and national emergency due to the Coronavirus.

We have remained open as long as possible to best serve you and our loyal patients.

The time has come, however, for us to follow the recommendations of the various sources we trust, such as the CDC, audiology boards, and our own best judgement.

We have decided that, until further notice, our office is closed to help prevent the spread of the virus. However, we are here for you in various non-contact formats.

As always, voicemails and emails will be checked daily so please feel free to email us at

If you have a hearing aid care question we encourage you to visit our website at  A tab with instructional videos on cleaning and care of hearing aids has been added as well as consumer technology support lines for each manufacturer.

Please call or email us with any further instructions you would like added to the website.

Assume that any appointments through 4/10 are cancelled as of now unless you hear otherwise from us.

We encourage everyone to follow the recommendations of your local, state, and federal authorities, and of course wash your hands thoroughly and often.

The most important thing, in the end, is everyone’s health, so be safe. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence as we all work together towards maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

To Everyone’s Health,
Dr. Caitlin Conley
Doctor of Audiology

Healthy Hearts and Hearing

Did you know that a healthy cardiovascular system has a positive effect on hearing health?

Today we want to send love to all of our patient’s and encourage each of you to show love to yourself as well.  Healthy Hearts are a must for Healthy Hearing!

Happy Valentines Day!

We take Highmark and UPMC!

Our phone keeps ringing here at Conley Hearing Care with worried patients.  As 2019 approaches many in Western Pennsylvania are making the choice to switch insurance plans so they can stay with their Doctors.

Here at Conley Hearing Care we have the privilege to work with both Highmark and UPMC as well as many other major insurance plans.

If you have any questions regarding hearing healthcare coverage on an insurance plan please call our office at 412-828-0250.  We would love to take the time to review your new hearing coverage or advise you to use your current benefits before the year runs out!

First Day of School

Everyone is posting their first day of school photos and we found Dr. Conley’s first year of school photo.

Remember as we start back to school and work this fall to practice good hearing health!

1. Visit your primary care and pediatrician’s regularly.

2. Have your Doctor check your ears for wax.

3. If your ears feel full, sore or you are struggling to hear make an appointment with your Doctor or Audiologist.

4. Wear hearing protection when you are in loud environments such as concerts and running lawn mowers.

5. When applying sunscreen don’t forget your ears.

Have a wonderful and healthy school year!