Healthy Hearts and Hearing

Did you know that a healthy cardiovascular system has a positive effect on hearing health?

Today we want to send love to all of our patient’s and encourage each of you to show love to yourself as well.  Healthy Hearts are a must for Healthy Hearing!

Happy Valentines Day!

We take Highmark and UPMC!

Our phone keeps ringing here at Conley Hearing Care with worried patients.  As 2019 approaches many in Western Pennsylvania are making the choice to switch insurance plans so they can stay with their Doctors.

Here at Conley Hearing Care we have the privilege to work with both Highmark and UPMC as well as many other major insurance plans.

If you have any questions regarding hearing healthcare coverage on an insurance plan please call our office at 412-828-0250.  We would love to take the time to review your new hearing coverage or advise you to use your current benefits before the year runs out!

First Day of School

Everyone is posting their first day of school photos and we found Dr. Conley’s first year of school photo.

Remember as we start back to school and work this fall to practice good hearing health!

1. Visit your primary care and pediatrician’s regularly.

2. Have your Doctor check your ears for wax.

3. If your ears feel full, sore or you are struggling to hear make an appointment with your Doctor or Audiologist.

4. Wear hearing protection when you are in loud environments such as concerts and running lawn mowers.

5. When applying sunscreen don’t forget your ears.

Have a wonderful and healthy school year!

Is that limited time offer really limited? Not when you work with insurance!

Here at Conley Hearing Care we pride ourselves in our medical model.  It is important that each patient receives appropriate treatment and hearing healthcare without the high pressure sales or worry of marketing scams.

Call our office at 412-828-0250 and let us check your benefits today!  You shouldn’t have to bargain when it comes to your hearing health. 

Oakmont Summer Street Sale

This Saturday!!!

Saturday July 28, 2018


Come to Oakmont this Saturday for a day filled with food, music, and fun.  Support local business and stop by our booth to say hi!

***Visit Conley Hearing Care’s booth for a chance to win a pair of custom ear protection!***

5 Reasons to Pay for a Hearing Test

  1. Anyone can give a hearing screening, but only a licensed Audiologist can bill for a hearing test also known as an audiogram.  If you pay for your hearing exam you know you received a full audiological examination versus a potentially unregulated screening.
  2. If the hearing test is free how much more are you paying for other services such as hearing aids?  Every business has overhead and they make-up for free services in other areas.
  3. If the Audiologist bills for hearing tests they likely work with your insurance and can also provide any hearing aid benefits through your insurance.  Always check your benefits before you buy hearing aids!
  4. Many primary care physicians like to receive medical reports of your hearing evaluations. Medical reports are typically sent to physicians when a full audiological exam is performed versus a hearing screening.
  5. You get what you pay for! The old saying fits perfectly.  When an audiologist is billing for a service they have standards to abide by and you can take comfort in knowing you are receiving the best standard of care.  The audiogram is your medical record and your property to take with you throughout your healthy hearing life!