5 Reasons to Pay for a Hearing Test

  1. Anyone can give a hearing screening, but only a licensed Audiologist can bill for a hearing test also known as an audiogram.  If you pay for your hearing exam you know you received a full audiological examination versus a potentially unregulated screening.
  2. If the hearing test is free how much more are you paying for other services such as hearing aids?  Every business has overhead and they make-up for free services in other areas.
  3. If the Audiologist bills for hearing tests they likely work with your insurance and can also provide any hearing aid benefits through your insurance.  Always check your benefits before you buy hearing aids!
  4. Many primary care physicians like to receive medical reports of your hearing evaluations. Medical reports are typically sent to physicians when a full audiological exam is performed versus a hearing screening.
  5. You get what you pay for! The old saying fits perfectly.  When an audiologist is billing for a service they have standards to abide by and you can take comfort in knowing you are receiving the best standard of care.  The audiogram is your medical record and your property to take with you throughout your healthy hearing life!

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