Following Best Practices with Real Ear Measurements

                At Conley Hearing Care, P.C. we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the newest guidelines and best practices in the field of audiology. To continue this mission, we have been lucky enough to acquire a new piece of equipment-an Audioscan Verifit! The Verifit now completes our goal to have verification equipment in every patient room, allowing our audiologists to perform real ear measurements while fitting hearing aids.  This highly personalized experience for you is the only way to verify that a hearing aid is working as it should. During the hearing aid fitting process, your audiologist will take a measurement of your ear and program your hearing aid not only to your hearing loss, but to the shape and size of your individual ear; in other words, a prescription for your hearing needs. Like each patient that walks through our door, our ears are all unique and need be treated as such.

Real ear measurements, though, are not just a bonus of coming to Conley Hearing Care but are required to fit hearing aids in the most ethical way. Failure to make real ear measurements implies that hearing aids are one-size-fits-all, and that is simply not true. Without real ear measures, there is no way to verify that a hearing aid is meeting your prescription and may leave you with too much volume or not enough.

Best practices and real ear measurements are in the mind of all our audiologists, but for our newest audiologist, Dr. Elizabeth Sweet, the delivery of our Verifit was like Christmas! Dr. Sweet completed her degree at the University of Pittsburgh, where they are trained extensively in using real ear measures to fit hearing aids. She is excited to bring this skillset to Conley Hearing Care and share the benefits with our patients.

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